Thursday, March 11, 2010

I have always believed that learning should be fun. I just couldn't get some of my teachers to agree with me. I've also always believed that learning new things must start with the history of that thing. When learning Math, you begin with the theories of Mathematicians that came before. When you study geology, you start with the history of the earth. You can't study genetics without knowing about Mendel's peas and you definitely can't learn about people without knowing their History. Our subject happens to be Eastern Woodland Indians in general and the Shawnee specifically, but the process is no different than it would be for any people anywhere in the world.
The paragraph above is taken from my website. I invite everyone, especially teachers, to weigh in on the idea that learning should be fun and the idea that all learning should begin with the history of the subject. Also, let me know your feelings on what has happened to the Indegenous People of this land that has become known as the United States of America. Every few days I will post some new data about the Shawnee, Eastern Woodland Indians and re-enacting of same, except during June and July (and a couple of weeks on either end of thet time period) as I will be at Camp Daniel Boone fulfilling one of my great passions in life. Looking forward to some great conversations.

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